Friday, 5 September 2014

Cuba memories

I would like to share some experiences from vacation in Cuba. Gosh, I wish I could teleport myself back to the beaches, palm trees and tropical fruits right now!
Cayo Coco where we stayed  is a beautiful place located 7 hours drive east of Havana. Beautiful white sand and clear blue water. Exactly what you might imagine when you picture a Caribbean beach.
The resort "Pestana Cayo Coco" is just great, right on the beach.  They certainly put us in a relaxing mood with our welcome drinks – Cuba Libres (rum and coke) of course! We spent a lot of time on the beach just relaxing, eating and enjoying the sunshine and beautiful view.

On arrival we were greeted by the most perfect Caribbean water... clear, bright and peaceful...

 Dress : Zara 

Meeting locals on the beach

Exploring Cayo Coco

One day we went to an incredible beach "Playa Pilar"

Dress : H&M

Swimwear : M&S

The sea was beautiful, the water was so clear and pretty... 

Dress : Primark

 Top : Zara | Skirt : Zara | Sandals : River Island

We caught the taxi into Maron town to explore the local sites.

On the way to Maron, we stopped in Crocodile farm.

Top : French Connection | Shorts : Mango | Hat : Urban Outfitters | Sandals : River Island

Enjoying the stroll through the pedestrian streets.

A typical Cuban meal ( lobster, rice with black beans, mashed bananas, fish, chicken and pork)

Maron is full of old buildings and busy street live.

Dress : M&S (vintage, from my mum wardrobe)

Swimwear : F&F

After a long day of relaxation, it was time for another outfit change...

Top : Zara | Skorts : Top Shop | Sandals : River Island

Swimwear : Boux Avenue

Top : Primark | Hat :Urban Outffiters | Sunglases : Ray Ban

 swimming, snorkeling, drinking cocktails, lounging and eating, let's just say it was bliss, complete relaxation - something that I really needed.

Top : Zara | Shorts : Mango

We spent 3 days exploring Havana.  It is a fabulous place, and I just loved it! It is so different from anywhere else ...a latin paradise of cigar, rum and salsa.

Havana by night

Top : River Island | Shorts : Top Shop

Havana Vieja (the old part of Havana).

The vibe is completely different and even in a gorgeous plaza surrounded with gorgeous restored buildings, there will still be one that is falling apart. It certainly gives it a lot of character.

Top : River Island | Shorts : Top Shop | Sandals : Office

Walked around the streets 

We walked through Havanas backstreets. Many of the people were on the street, playing and listening to music. I felt like I was invading. It has a great atmosphere.

The old cars in Cuba must be one of the things Cuba is most famous for.  You just need to be on the street for this one.

We dined at "La Torre" for lunch.
Amazing view from 33 floors above Havana! Service was good but views were breathtaking! Well worth the visit.

Dress : Asos

We went to catch the last of the sunset.

We kissed goodbye to the sun and headed out for a dinner date.

Dress : French Connection

Swimwear : Asos | Kimono : Chiara Fashion | Sunglasses : Ray Ban

I had a great time. Cuba is awesome. People are so friendly, it is beautiful and my new friends I met from all of the world.
 I am loving it here!
Marta xxx