Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Venice photo diary

Oooohhh Venice <3

I've long dreamed of this famously romantic place: the city of water, canals and festival masks....

One of my favourite memories of Venice is wandering by myself in the quiet back alleys and getting lost around them.
Of course, that's part of Venice's charm. There's nothing better then being lost in such an eerily beautiful city. Unless, that is, you want to get to place and see sites in a limited amount of time.

Piazza San Marco

First beautiful sunny morning, looking across St. Mark Square

                                              Campanile                                                             Basilica San Marco

Splurge on a gondola ride. They can be pretty expensive at 80 euro a trip, but you don't want to leave this city without seeing it from water.

"Rossomopodoro". Located close to the San Marco, the prices were very reasonable and the Gnocchi were delightful! An overall positive experience.

Rialto bridge

Grand Canale

Rialto Market
For a truly unique Italian experience you must head over to Rialto Market to the daily fruit and veg market and the fish stalls. Here you’ll find produce so fresh and sometimes exotic, plus, there are bars and cafes a plenty to sit and take in the sights and sounds. This is a truly traditional experience in which to get totally immersed!

"Bacareto Da Lele". Such a great find in Venice. Cheap delicious sandwiches and small glasses of wine for  60 cents! The best part is that majority of the people were locals- all speaking Italian and we felt like the only tourists.

"Torrefazione Cannaregio" Coffee heaven in Venice!
Simply the best coffee I've ever tasted. The best way to spend 90 cent:) and you can buy coffee to take back home. Friendly staff and great local experience. Highly recommended

"Rossomopodoro", another visit :)

We took a Vaporetto (water bus) to the little island of Burano and it was a nice half-day trip. The island is made famous by all the colourful houses and charming canals, and it was a very happy sight!

                                                                                 "Caffe Filermo", Cozy place with very nice coffee.

Wearing: Top Shop coat, Zara scarf, Urban Outfitters boots, Michael Kors bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, hat Asos.

It was a wonderful little holiday and four days was a perfect amount of time to see and experience the city (although another four days would have been fine with us too!). Let me know if you have questions, or… if you’re more familiar with Venice, feel free to leave additional tips in the comments below.

Marta xxx