Thursday, 24 April 2014

Majorca diaries #2

Day 2 was a gorgeous sunny day that started with the tour along the Fornalutx. It’s one of the prettiest village I’ve ever been too. There’s so much nature, and cute little houses up against mountains, fruits everywhere, and the atmosphere is so quiet and relaxed.
After an exploring Fornalutx we drove to see another piece of Majorca along the coastline to Sa Calobra. We took a mountain road to get there with lots of curves but it is an exciting trip, with plenty of beautiful sights to make picture or just to enjoy. When you reach the top after all this effort is the pebble beach of Sa Calobra which pokes out between two huge cliffs giving it the simply the most breathtaking position of any beach on Majorca
I knew that the day will be full of walking so I decided to keep it casual, with denim shorts, floral print shirt and urban outfitters cut-out flats. They are so comfortable to walk around in all day, but just look soooo good!


These shorts are so nice..they make the behind look just right, and they are lovely and so comfy.

Sa Calobra beach

Stunning view over the Sa Calobra

Cala Tuent (10 min drive from Sa Calobra)

It was as amazing as ever. The crystal clear waters, picturesque walled old town, some of the best fruits I’ve ever tasted.

Sandals-Urban outfitters
Bag-Longchamp Le Pliage
Belt-Top shop
Shades-Ray ban

Marta xxx

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